The Collection                                                                               


The Collection is an album of the most favourite tracks of Neil's work to date including two new songs taken exclusively from his forthcoming Paradox album Box Set which is due to be released in July 2021.


When you hear this album you will find that Neil’s work has quite a diverse and unique style in its own right. All the songs have all been re-mastered and are available from the Shop Section of this site and iTunes


Neil is very pleased with The Collection as it has all of his favourite tracks on it and he feels it's great to hear them all on one album. It was released in June 2017 under Neil Lucas Productions.


Total running time 66:15 Minutes














1.   Paradox 

2.   I Like To Produce

3.   Play

4.   This Time

5.   Waiting For You

6.   Cocktail Train

7.   Amask

8.   Lost Dreams

9.   A New Day

10. Why Do You Always Pretend

11. End Of The Road

12. The Verse

13. You Hold Me Forever

14. The Fallen Rose

15. Play Reprise

16. Destiny


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