Message from Neil                                                                       



Hi There!


I hope this message finds you well and you are all keeping safe!


It's now seems that things are now lifting with the virus and by the summer hopefully we will be back to some normality!


I have been doing the finishing touches on my forthcoming Album Box Set with my dear friend Berni, and it is due to be released in July this year- I have to say we are absolutely delighted with the new tracks and the accompanying videos- I feel I am at the most creative time in my life and I am very pleased with my voice. We also worked with some fantastic musicians recording this album in Switzerland and the UK.


Recently I listened to a most amazing piano rendition of Queens “Mother Love” by an extremely talented pianist Valtteri Nieminen, it is absolutely beautiful!! If you would like to listen to more of his outstanding work then please visit Valtteri's link on my Links page.


Through all this I did a vocal for his “Mother Love” rendition and it is purely dedicated and sung in honour to the immortal spirit of Freddie Mercury. Please see the link below if you would like to hear it!


You can pre-order my new Album Box Set from the Shop Section of this website- I hope you like it!!


Thank you so much again for your kind messages as I really appreciate them!


Take care of yourselves.


Much love


Neil x  

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