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Illusion is a pop orientated album and was recorded in 1998 and released in April 1999 by Virgin Records. Eventhough it was a quick album to record and more like a "Demo" Neil was very pleased with the end result. It is the complete opposite to his previous opera album Forever as it's more light-hearted.


Illusion has 10 tracks and is more of a pop/disco style album with a twist of chill-out towards the end- another area which Neil likes to delve in! It was released in the summer of 1999 by Vergin Records.


Neil's favourite tracks on this album are Why Do You Always Pretend and Destiny.


Total running time 40 mins












1.   Bom Ba Doo

2.   This Time

3.   Eastern March

4.   Miss Minky

5.   Freddie

6.   Why Do You Always Pretend

7.   I Can See Through You

8.   Cooee

9.   Alone

10. Destiny


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