As you will see Neil has quite a theatrical personality and loves to be quite diverse in his video production. He enjoys Opera and Ballet along with popular and classical music. These different ingredients can be seen throughout his work.


“It's funny really because I hate being serious but I take my music "quite" seriously! Basically I do all this for my own enjoyment and if other people like what I do then that’s wonderful! I have also never been a follower of fashion- I just like to be me, besides why should I be like everybody else!!”


“Making videos is the fun part where you can play up! Everything I do is to the absolute extreme and there is no in-between with me, people should never look into my videos too seriously though as it’s just entertainment! At the end of the day there's much more in life to worry about than a light-hearted music video!" 



YouTube Audio Sync Tool

Fix YouTube audio sync problems by adjusting audio timing
Fix YouTube audio sync problems by adjusting audio timing in intervals of 0.1 seconds. 
It helps when watching videos that have out-of-sync audio, or when using wireless audio systems that have 
audio delay.

1. Audio timing adjustment slider appears under the video screen on your YouTube page with a click of the 
tool icon.
2. Adjust audio timing to sync audio and video by moving the slider.

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